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Crypto Prices Surge: AGIX, Aptos and MULTI Price Predictions for 2021

1. Cryptocurrency prices had a strong week due to the FTX bankruptcy proceedings and American inflation data.
2. This article takes a look at the price predictions for AGIX, Aptos and MULTI. AGIX surged to a high of $0.130 this week and is approaching the important resistance point at $0.136.
3. Oscillators such as the RSI and MACD have all surged, suggesting that a major pullback may be on the horizon.

Cryptocurrency markets had a strong week as investors reacted to the news of FTX’s bankruptcy proceedings and the latest American inflation data. While the news was both positive and negative, it provided a clear indication of the volatility of the crypto market and how quickly prices can move.

This article takes a look at the price predictions for AGIX, Aptos and MULTI. AGIX is the native token for SingularityNet, a relatively small but fast-growing AI platform built on Cardano. The AGIX crypto price surged to a high of $0.130 this week, the highest point since October 14. It has jumped by more than 253% from the lowest point in 2022. It is unclear why the token rose but a likely reason is that it was in sync with other AI-focused coins.

Turning to the daily chart, we see that the token went parabolic this week. As it rose, it moved above the important resistance point at $0.072, the highest point on December 13. The coin managed to move above all moving averages and is now approaching the important resistance point at $0.136 In the same period, oscillators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the MACD have all surged. Therefore, it is likely that SingularityNet’s token is about to have a major pullback. If this happens, the next key support level to watch will be at $0.10, which is about 25% below the current level.

Aptos is another cryptocurrency that has been gaining traction in recent weeks. The price of Aptos has risen by more than 350% since the beginning of 2021. The coin recently broke out of a long-term downtrend and is now trading at its highest point since April 2021. It is likely that the coin will continue to gain momentum as more investors become aware of its potential. The next key resistance point to watch is at $0.06, which is about 15% higher than the current level.

Finally, MULTI is the native token for a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows users to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. The token has jumped by more than 400% since the beginning of 2021, with its most recent surge coming after the news of the FTX bankruptcy proceedings. The token is now trading at its highest point since June 2021 and is likely to continue its upward momentum. The next key resistance point to watch is at $0.46, which is about 7% higher than the current level.

Overall, it appears that the crypto market is still very much in a bull market. Investors should keep an eye on the price movements of AGIX, Aptos and MULTI, as these coins have shown great potential for growth over the past several weeks. For those looking to capitalize on near-term gains, it is important to monitor the key resistance points and be prepared to take quick action if the market moves in an unexpected direction. Announces 20% Layoffs Amid Poor Market Conditions

• has announced that it is reducing its global workforce by 20%.
• The CEO cited poor market conditions and recent events in the industry as the reason for the layoffs.
• Other crypto firms such as Huobi and Coinbase have also announced layoffs this year.

Today,, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges and wallets, has announced that it is laying off some of its global workforce to reduce its overall staff count by 20%. The news was made public by the co-founder and CEO of the exchange, Kris Marszalek, who cited poor market conditions and recent events in the industry as the primary reasons for the layoffs.

The announcement comes just days after Coinbase, another leading crypto exchange, announced similar layoffs. Coinbase is also reducing its staff count by up to 20%, and the layoffs are expected to affect up to 900 employees.

According to sources, has about 3500 to 4500 employees, meaning the 20% layoffs would affect about 700 to 900 employees. This is a significant move by the exchange, as the crypto market is currently on a recovery trajectory and investors are expecting some growth in the industry.

The news has been met with mixed reactions from the crypto community. Some have welcomed the news, citing it as a sign of the exchange’s commitment to cost-cutting measures and efficiency. Others have expressed concern about the implications for employees who will be affected by the layoffs.

The CEO of, Kris Marszalek, has expressed his regret at the news but believes it is necessary in order to secure the future of the company. He said: “We grew ambitiously at the start of 2022, building on our incredible momentum and aligning with the trajectory of the broader industry. That trajectory changed rapidly with a confluence of negative economic developments.”

The Cronos (CRO) token price has responded positively to the news, suggesting that investors see the decision as a positive step for the company.

It is unclear how the layoffs will affect the exchange’s operations going forward, but the news is sure to have an impact on the crypto industry as a whole. With other crypto firms such as Huobi and Coinbase also announcing layoffs this year, it is clear that the industry is feeling the effects of the turbulent market conditions.

The 2020 rally continues: Bitcoin exceeds $24,000 over the weekend Business

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Bitcoin passed the $24,000 mark on Saturday afternoon. The leading cryptomeda appears ready for new highs in December

The leading cryptomeda reached the $24,000 mark over the weekend, while it continues its rise. This is the third time Bitcoin (BTC) is setting a new all-time record (ATH) this month, after exceeding the $20,000 and $22,000 levels.

The price of Bitcoin continued its recent high, setting a new ATH after trading at $24,122.67 on Saturday. It quickly dropped to $23,978.86 and has been trading near the $24,000 mark since then.

The new record price level was reached after cryptomoeda surpassed $23,000 two days ago after a 12% increase. The most recent price increase means that Bitcoin’s percentage gains accumulated over the year increased by over 225%.

Some analysts such as Kenetic Capital CEO Jehan Chu believe that Bitcoin may be trading at $25,000 by the end of the year. According to Chu, large investments by institutional investors such as Guggenheim and Alan Howard justify the current price of Bitcoin.

BTC continues to be one of the most discussed topics on various media platforms. The dominant audience is paying attention to Bitcoin’s sustained boom, and this has not gone unnoticed in social media. Tweets on Bitcoin and other cryptomaps are close to a three-year high as record prices attract attention.

In addition to high volume tweeters about Bitcoin, the number of exclusive Twitter accounts talking about Bitcoin is also increasing. Approximately 50,000 users engaged in Bitcoin conversations on Wednesday, December 16th. This is the highest number of user engagement registered since December 2017.

Jefferies joins other institutional investors in Bitcoin
Bitcoin’s recent recovery has coincided with another institutional investor venturing into the cryptomaniac market. Business Standard reported that Christopher Wood, global head of equity strategy for investment firm Jefferies, reduced his exposure to gold in favour of BTC.

This is the first time Wood has made such a move in years and has reduced his gold investment from 50% to 45%. While the large investor remains optimistic about the yellow metal, he also intends to add more Bitcoin to the fund if the price of cryptomeda drops significantly.

Wood has been away from Bitcoin for years because of the uncertainty surrounding the legal structure of cryptomoeda. However, he is looking for a dramatic cyclical recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic and believes that Bitcoin is one of the assets to be considered.

‚No eres anónimo en Tor‘: un estudio muestra que la red de privacidad ofrece un anonimato superficial

Los defensores de la privacidad están cada vez más recelosos de la red Tor en estos días, ya que una investigación publicada recientemente ha demostrado que una gran cantidad de relés de salida de la red están comprometidos. Además, el 15 de septiembre, el Hacker Factor Blog publicó un nuevo informe de Tor que muestra que se están descubriendo direcciones IP. El documento llamado „Tor 0-day“ dice que es un secreto a voces entre la comunidad de servicios de Internet:

„No eres anónimo en Tor“

Desde hace años, una gran cantidad de defensores de la moneda digital han utilizado Tor y las redes privadas virtuales (VPN) para permanecer en el anonimato mientras envían transacciones de bitcoins . El Proyecto Tor se lanzó hace 17 años en 2002, y siempre ha pretendido ofuscar el tráfico de Internet para el usuario final.

Esencialmente, el software escrito en C y Python aprovecha una red de superposición de voluntarios que consta de miles de retransmisores diferentes. Los conceptos básicos de esta red están destinados a ocultar la actividad de un usuario en Internet y permitir comunicaciones confidenciales no supervisadas.

Sin embargo, desde que comenzó Covid-19 y durante los meses siguientes, varias personas han expuesto algunas de las debilidades de Tor. Una vulnerabilidad de Bitcoin Revolution expuesta en agosto es el uso a gran escala de relés maliciosos.

Un artículo escrito por el investigador denominado „Nusenu“ dice que el 23% de la capacidad de salida actual de Tor está actualmente comprometida. Nusenu también advirtió sobre este tema hace meses en diciembre de 2019 y su investigación cayó en saco roto. Siguiendo la crítica de Nusenu, otro informe mordaz llamado „Tor 0-day“ detalla que las direcciones IP pueden detectarse cuando se conectan directamente a Tor o aprovechan un puente.

El documento „Tor 0day“ enfatiza que es más o menos un „secreto a voces“ entre aquellos que saben que los usuarios „no son anónimos en Tor“. La investigación es parte de una nueva serie y un seguimiento publicará datos que describen „muchas vulnerabilidades para Tor“.

El hacker describe en la primera parte cómo „detectar personas cuando se conectan a la red Tor (tanto directamente como a través de puentes )“ y por qué los ataques se definen como „ataques de día cero“

Además, la publicación del blog muestra al lector cómo identificar la dirección de red real de los usuarios de Tor mediante el seguimiento de los usuarios del puente Tor y descubriendo todos los puentes . El estudio muestra que cualquiera que aproveche la red Tor debería desconfiar de este tipo de ataques de día cero y lo que es peor es que „ninguno de los exploits en [la] entrada del blog es nuevo o novedoso“, enfatizó el investigador. El autor del blog Hacker Factor cita un artículo de 2012 que identifica un „enfoque para desanonimizar servicios ocultos“ con exploits Tor similares mencionados.

„Estos exploits representan un defecto fundamental en la arquitectura Tor actual“, señala la primera parte de la serie. “La gente suele pensar que Tor proporciona anonimato de red para usuarios y servicios ocultos. Sin embargo, Tor realmente solo proporciona un anonimato superficial. Tor no protege contra la correlación de un extremo a otro, y tener un protector es suficiente para proporcionar esa correlación para los servicios ocultos populares „.

Online Poker Reviews & Guide

Definitions of Online Poker

Poker is a game to a wonderful fortune. On-line poker is a hobby for huge numbers of people, a means to relax after a day on the job. Men and women play online poker for numerous explanations.

You haven’t anything to lose when you play blackjack at an internet casino. Blackjack is additionally a famed casino card game. For online slots, many casinos provide free slots games that you are able to practice on, and your virtual“ winnings can be transformed into real chips as soon as you’re prepared to play for real money. WinADay Casino has a wide variety of slot games readily available on the internet to play in the comfort of your residence.

When you first begin to learn how to play poker, it resembles a game of chance. Poker is believed to be the best game to learn to maintain your focus for a lengthy length of time. On-line poker offers you the capability to play several several kinds of games, both cash and tournaments. It has boomed in the past couple of years, and it has forever changed the face of poker.

Poker is ending up increasingly well-known over the very long haul, and more individuals will need to have the ability to comprehend the diversion in order to be connected with the money related and mental regions of the pattern. It empowers that the most predominant game is the time when you play without theory closes. If online poker is something which you need to try, Situs Judi Online strategy guides are all around the internet and can definitely help you begin on your path to internet poker success. If you’re looking to get into online poker, understanding how to play poker is the very first step but not everything.

In internet poker, strategy is vital. Implement your tries and tested online poker strategies consistently and you’ll realize that you can never go wrong once you do so. When you’ve found good internet poker strategies that work nicely with your style, you got to be consistent and keep it up as much as possible.


person holding black ace and king spades playing cards on poker table

There are plenty of internet poker rooms readily available on the world wide web, both for sure money as well as play money. There are a number of internet poker rooms and several of them propose a poker bonus in the kind of an incentive for attracting new players. In September of that calendar year, it would grow to be the first internet poker room to provide tournaments.

Key Pieces of Online Poker

The threesome dating site includes people from all around the world and there’s always one for you. Other forms of on-line gambling sites were launched significantly before the very first on-line poker room. The very best thing is to pick a paid website that you’re able to use free of charge. Reasonable paid website is a rather excellent selection. As there are many poker websites you may join, you may also devise numerous on-line poker strategies to ensure of your winnings in the game. Free poker web based games are normally accessible on the internet.

You can’t expect to win a game whenever you are impatient. It is preferable to play a game that you’re sure that you can win at. When you play the absolutely free casino games that different casinos have to offer, you are going to discover that free game practice is something which can really help your game a good deal. Keep in mind that losing a few games doesn’t turn you into a lousy player. You may play Poker real cash games in India online before stepping out of your house or workplace. If you’ve completed the upcoming steps, you’re then simply prepared to win and take part in internet poker game, in the conveniences of your house, zero efforts necessary to maintain a poker encounter which can possibly spend the chance of winning away from you. There are many poker games which are available some are for more high stakes than others and some which are more fun oriented.

If you would like to play completely free slots online, you will discover that most established casinos provide totally free chips to start off with. Whether you play completely free slots or totally free blackjack, obtaining an opportunity to practice before you bet real money may give a massive tactical advantage, as well as a psychological boost. Free of charge online slots enable you to experience the exact same thrill as playing for real.

Online Poker and Online Poker – The Perfect Combination

For all of us, poker is something beyond a game, it is a means of life.  In actuality, you ought not quit learning on the internet poker genuine money. Poker needs a great deal of thinking so as to beat the opponents, that’s the reason why it isn’t as quick to play compared to blackjack. Multi-Window WINk Poker offers you the chance to quadruple your action! If you are a newcomer to online gambling, we suggest that you start with completely free on-line slots for some time, and after that move on to real money slot games.

Sicheres Zahlungsmittel Paysafecard Casino – Hohe Quoten

Jeden Tag spielst du Online-Glücksspiele. Es versteht sich von selbst, dass jeder von uns einen Jackpot gewinnen möchte. Manche Spieler haben nur ein Ziel oder?

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Je schneller, desto besser gewinnt man viel Geld. Zweifellos ist der Sieg eine wichtige Sache. Aber vergiss nicht, dass das Spiel Spaß machen sollte. Online Casino Vergleich | Die besten Online Casinos Das Gefühl sollte positiv sein. Der Spieler sollte immer gute Laune haben. Das Spiel hängt von Ihrer Wahl ab. Sie sollten richtig wählen, dass es keine Probleme gibt.

Wir haben eine große Anzahl von Online-Anbietern. Casino bietet uns großartige Möglichkeiten für einen guten Gewinn. Sie geben uns Boni und Promotionen. Einige Anbieter geben uns Spielcasinos, wo wir hundert Varianten des Anfangs und des Endes finden. Jeder Spieler kann gewinnen.

Die Hauptsache ist, den richtigen zu wählen. Der Dienstleister sollte nicht nur eines der hundert beliebtesten Spiele von Online-Spielen haben, sondern auch Sicherheit bieten. Wenn Sie einfach wählen möchten, lesen Sie es.
Er fühlt sich immer sicher

Der Dienstleister ist für jeden Kunden verantwortlich. Das Spiel sollte immer sicher sein. Das Casino sollte nur eine echte EU-Spielkarte haben. Das Casino muss ohne Zweifel reguliert werden. Es wird erwartet, dass das Glücksspiel mit den weltberühmten Softwareanbietern kooperiert.

PaySafe Bezahlmethode

In jedem Casino muss ein Support-Team sein. Kundenberater sollten telefonisch, per Chat und per E-Mail erreichbar sein. Das Wichtigste ist die Art der Bezahlung. Welche Casinos haben Zahlungsmethoden? Bleib bei uns.

Einzeln und nicht bezahlt

Sie können immer gewinnen, aber dann haben Sie Probleme mit der Bezahlung. Deshalb passt du auf. Wählen Sie ein Casino mit sicheren Zahlungsmethoden. Solche Methoden umfassen zum Beispiel PayPal und Paysafecard. Halte es immer sicher.

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Die Auswahl ist sehr groß. Casinos sind anders. Wir haben für Sie eine Liste der Paysafecard Casinos erstellt. Mit diesen Anbietern können Sie stundenlang spielen. Sichere Zahlungsmethoden Es besteht immer eine hohe Gewinnchance. Klassische und moderne Brettspiele, Kartenspiele, Live-Spiele. Hervorragende Grafik und Soundeffekte. Ein freundliches Support-Team.