Bullish Financial Advisor Sees Bright Future for Crypto Tech

• Financial advisor Douglas Boneparth is keeping bullish on blockchain technology despite the news of Signature Bank and Silvergate Capital Corp winding down.
• Crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa expects Bitcoin to break through $25,000, with a target of $30,000.
• Boneparth recommends people take the time to learn about the technology and decentralised finance.

Financial Advisor Stays Bullish On Blockchain

Financial advisor Douglas Boneparth remains bullish on blockchain technology in spite of recent news about Signature Bank and Silvergate Capital Corp winding down their operations. Despite this, he believes that it would be beneficial for most people to take the time to learn more about the techonology behind decentralised finance.

Bitcoin Price Target: $30,000

Crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa also shared his outlook for Bitcoin price during an interview with CNBC. He said that if there is a meaningful break above $25,000 then it will establish $30,000 as its next major target.

Learning About Decentralised Finance

Boneparth pointed out that while many financial advisors don’t recommend buying or selling crypto assets directly, they should still stay optimistic about the technology itself. He recommended that everyone take some time to understand how decentralised finance works in order to make better decisions when investing in cryptocurrency.

Signature Bank & Silvergate Capital Corp

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has taken control of deposits at Signature Bank after shutting it down late last week. Meanwhile, Silvergate Capital Corp has announced plans to wind down its operations and liquidate its bank shortly afterwards.


Despite setbacks from banks like Signature and Silvergate withdrawing from crypto space, financial advisor Douglas Boneparth remains optimistic on blockchain technology’s potential in decentralized finance systems moving forward. Crypto analysts such as Altcoin Sherpa also expect Bitcoin prices to surge past $30,000 if it breaks through $25K first. Lastly, Boneparth encourages everyone regardless of their stance on buying or selling crypto assets to spend some time learning about decentralised finance and its related technologies for better decision-making when investing into cryptocurrencies