Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack goes shitcoin with green blockchain project

Wozniack, the new crypto-green – That’s it! The rise in the price of bitcoin has reignited the hype around cryptocurrencies. Indeed, even the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniack, embarks on the creation of a cryptocurrency: the WOZX.

The revolution by Wozniack

The news broke over the weekend, with the publication of the EFFORCE project white paper .

This initiative was launched by Steve Wozniack , Jacopo Vanetti, Andrea Castiglione, Jacopo Visetti and the company AitherCO2.

Concretely, EFFORCE presents itself as a future platform for exchange on energy savings . It would give companies wishing to improve their energy performance the opportunity to finance these improvements.

Thus, users called “contributors” could ultimately finance projects aimed at minimizing the negative impacts of energy consumption. Subsequently, the savings made are supposed to be redistributed to the contributors in the form of tokens.

“ The platform brings together those who want to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings or industrial processes, with a group of contributors interested in reimbursement in tokens representing the energy savings achieved through efficiency improvement projects. “

In total, it looks like 1 billion WOZX tokens will be created. A fifth of these tokens will be set aside to encourage participants to take part in the funding.

Project of the year… or shitcoin?

Obviously, when we read “energy saving” and “Wozniack” , we have something to be excited about by this project. However, behind the scenes is quite different.

Indeed, this one has everything of a good big old-style bullshit blockchain . First of all, the 54-page white paper (just that) explains many marketing aspects, but remains fairly elusive on the technical aspects .

Then, the project has for the moment been only listed on the HBTC exchange platform and soon on Bithumb , later this week . It therefore seems that Wozniack’s crypto is of little interest to giants, like Binance or Coinbase – even if this interest alone would have been far from meaning that a blank check was given to the project .

Finally, Steve Wozniack met with Justin Sun , CEO of Tron, to discuss the project earlier this year, which in and of itself means nothing concrete. However, we are familiar with Justin Sun’s practices, as well as his discussed personality. He is probably not the best person in the ecosystem to talk to when you claim to launch a “revolutionary” project.